01. The Person

Zen Master. Abbot. Visionary. Author.

Hinnerk Polenski is Zen Master and Abbot of the European Dashin Zen Order and the Zen Monastery Buchenberg in the Allgäu region in South Germany. He is an ordained monk of Syoko-ji in Japan. "Syobu” (jap. Zen warrior) is his dharma name, which was given to him by Zen Master Oi Saidan Roshi in 1992. Hinnerk Polenski (born 1959) has been practicing the Zen way for more than 40 years. He is Dharma successor (Inca) for Dashin-Rinzai Zen of Reiko Mukai (Shi- ln Kutsu Roshi). Together with his teacher, he founded the Daishin Zen lineage, a Zen school whose focus is on the development of a European Zen way. Zen leadership is one of three focus areas of Daishin Zen. Meetings with Father Enomiya-Lassalle (Christian Zen) and Count Dürckheim (Zen and psychology) complement his traditional Zen training of the Japanese Rinzai school, as well as fourteen trips to his teacher in Japan, who on his part repeatedly visits the Zen Monastery Buchenberg. Hinnerk Polenski has been leading Zen seminars for executives in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, and Switzerland for over 25 years. After more than ten years as an independent corporate consultant, he has devoted himself entirely to Zen training since 1999. His series “Zen-Meditation”, broadcast by Bayerischer Rundfunk and other regional programs since 2001 and now venerably outdated, has reached millions of viewers and thus became the model for today's Youtube channel, which currently has nearly 50,000 subscribers. Zen seminars and sesshins with him and/or his team of teachers are held almost continuously each year. More than 10,000 men and women from all areas of life are introduced to meditation through Daishin Zen each year. Beside 25 Daishin Zen meditation groups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, there are more and more larger Zen centers. In addition to women entrepreneurs, board members and business executives, Hinnerk Polenski has recently also been supporting young people fulfilling themselves as entrepreneurs in startups in areas of sustainability, climate, and impact investment. His main objective is to help people open the Zen path first for themselves, and out of this to recognize that we humans are all connected, and thus to develop a movement for more awareness and wholesome impact.

84. Spiritueller Nachfolger
84. Spiritueller Nachfolger

84th spiritual successor

He is Dharma successor (Inca) for Daishin-Rinzai-Zen of Reiko Mukai Osho and thus in 84th generation a spiritual Successor of Shakyamuni Buddha.

Hinnerk Polenski - Portrait

Daishin Zen

Together with his teacher Reiko Mukai, Hinnerk Polenski founded founded Daishin Zen in 1998 with the aim of combining the ancient tradition of Rinzai Zen with the modern spirit of the western world.

Hinnerk Polenski - Daishin Zen
Hinner Polenski - Image 1
Hinner Polenski - Image 1

Thus arose an independent order in Europe, which through its diversity and openness offers an accessible way that at the same time is deeply rooted in the 2,500-year-old tradition of Japanese Zen.

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The Mission

Hinnerk Polenski sees his mission in using Zen to support people in developing their full potential and in this way being able to work more wholesomely and effectively for themselves and others in the world. This world-embracing attitude is also reflected in his passion for future-oriented topics such as digitalization and artificial intelligence, which has also made him a valued speaker and discussion partner for entrepreneurs and decision-makers, particularly in the digital and technology industry.