02. Zen Meditation

Daishin Zen. Contemporary Zen with traditional roots

Hinnerk Polenski - Modernes Zen mit traditionellen  Wurzeln
Hinnerk Polenski - Der Zen Weg

The Zen-Way.

For 2,500 years, people have been practicing Zen and meditating according to the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha - either to improve their abilities in everyday life as a way of way of personal development and potential, or as a way of self-realization. Zen is independent of religion, ideologies, and scriptures, and has been transmitted from generation to generation from master to disciple.

Daishin Zen

Thus, different schools of Zen have emerged over time. One of the oldest, largest, and richest in tradition is the Japanese Rinzai Zen, which Reiko Mukai Roshi, the teacher of Zen Master Hinnerk Polenski, belongs to. It was the connection of the ancient tradition of Rinzai Zen with the spirit of modern Western society, which led Polenski, together with his teacher, to found Daishin Zen in 1998.

Hinnerk Polenski - Modernes Zen mit traditionellen  Wurzeln
Hinnerk Polenski - Tee


Daishin Zen emphasizes the development of a personal, sustained practice, which has an effect beyond the meditation mat and thus serves as a grounding in daily life. For more power, clarity, presence, and harmony in the midst of life, with all its professional and private challenges.

Hinnerk Polenski - Modernes Zen mit traditionellen  Wurzeln


An essential part of the Daishin Zen is the body-mind training. The goal of this training is to bring body, mind, and energy into a unity. Only by taking the body along is it possible to develop a practice which will also sustain us in everyday life.

Hinnerk Polenski - Modernes Zen mit traditionellen  Wurzeln


To give all people with their individual needs the possibility to follow the way in Daishin Zen, there are also different didactic areas. Besides the classical Daishin Rinzai-Zen, which is very much based on the tradition of the Japanese Rinzai Zen, there is also the Zen Leadership Academy, aimed at executives and people working with people, as well as the path of Yin Zen, focused on the heart.