03. Zen Monastery

Zen Monastery Buchenberg in the Allgäu: The home of Daishin Zen

In 2014 Daishin Zen found its home in Buchenberg in the Allgäu region in South Germany. In the middle of a beautiful landscape, one experiences here a place of power, silence, and peace. Here people have the opportunity to follow a deep spiritual path, but also a place to recharge their batteries and to arrive at oneself, and so to be able to work in the world with more clarity and harmony.

Monastery and seminar center

The monastery is divided into two main areas. The seminar center, where Zen seminars and sesshins take place, and a monastery area, where the long-term monastic residents (lay nuns and monks) have the opportunity to follow an intensive Zen way through daily training.

Kloster und Seminarzentrum
Ein Ort der Begegnung

A place of encounter

The various spiritual teachers who find their field of activity in the Zen monastery Buchenberg make this place a place of encounter. The encounter with others and with oneself.

Virtuelles Zen Kloster

Virtual Zen Monastery

Since 2020, Daishin Zen has also found a virtual place. In the Virtual Zen Monastery, the members of the Daishin Zen Förderkreis (sponsors' association) have the possibility to participate in the morning training of the monastery residents and receive weekly impulses from Zen-Master Hinnerk Polenski and the meditation teachers of Daishin Zen.

Zen Groups

Daishin Zen is an order with locations all over Germany, so-called Zendos. These offer the possibility to take part in weekly meditations in a Zendo nearby. All leaders of these Zendos have been trained and examined at the Zen Academy.

Zen Gruppen